Thursday, February 21, 2013

You saw what it looked out like from our balcony, well this is what it looks like from our front porch.  These are buildings that got started a few years ago, but when the economy went South, they couldn't afford to do any more on the buildings, so they are falling apart and will someday be torn down.                                         

Out where you see the ocean, there really isn't any beach sand.  There is a coral reef that you have to wear Teva's or something on your feet if you walk out into the water or your feet will get cut up.  There are other places down the beach a ways that have nice sand, but not out from us here.  It would be fun to snorkel out on the reef, but I don't have the equipment.  Maybe I'll have to go buy a snorkel.  They will let us do that, or go fishing if we want and have time.


  1. So you have an apartment? Next blog maybe?

  2. Mission "advice" from a former Vanuatu missionary (Corey Ackerman)

    My advice would be able to bake a good chocolate cake. Sounds wierd I know. While serving as the Assistant to the mission President I had no office couple. I had to deal with the government on work permits and visas. When I took in a chocolate cake with my applications they would be done by weeks end no questions asked. If no cake it took at least 3 weeks. I know Vila very well.

    It is really hard to stay motivated in a western civilization sense. They don't NEED college they don't NEED anything really. They are very relaxed easy going, no real sense of urgency type of people. There are exceptions, but not many. The mission did not have any real perpetual education or self reliance branch so its hard to give advice. I'm not sure what they do.

    The most important thing is to enjoy Port Vila Bay! I miss that view everyday! Embrace the string band, get as many cds down there cuz they don't exist here. Hope this helps.