Thursday, February 21, 2013

Open Market

These are some pictures of the open market downtown.  Farmers and Ni-Vans (native Vanuatu's) bring vegetables, fruits, and other items from the jungle or their gardens to sell.  We even saw a couple of dead bats for sale.  Don't ask me what that was all about.

These are huge bananas.  They only use them for cooking.  It makes a kind of mushy substance.  I am quessing it must be like a squash.


The market is huge - stall after stall tightly crammed togetheer.  The woman (usually grandmothers with the small children) stay in the stall all week.  They sleep there, too.  The men and older children bring in more produce to the stalls all week.  Each family pays a rental fee for their stall space each week.

On Saturday evening, the market is completely vacated and hosed down.  Sunday the market is closed.  Monday is starts all over again.

This is Sister Wallace, the mission nurse.  She is holding a bunch of fresh peanuts.            

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  1. The market looks very much like the markets in Grenada, but these actually look nicer. Looks like produce is very abundant. Nice.