Thursday, February 21, 2013

President and Sister Brewer

 This is Elder Larsen and President Brewer overlooking the bay and islands.

Sister Larsen and Sister Brewer are so very happy to see each other again.  We went to high school together and have not seen each other in all these years.  It really was a wonderful reunion.  We both had many memories to share.

Now - a little more about Vanuatu - this is a beautiful country.  There is a lot of tropical jungle.  The civilized areas tend to be the perimeter of the islands.  On our island which has the captial city of Port Vila, there is one paved road that goes all the way around the island.  There are some additional paved roads in the capital.  However, many of the roads are dirt and/or mud. Two other islands have short sections of paved roads.  The work horse vehicle is the land cruiser that can cross rivers, etc.  The missionaries must have these to do their work.  We had one for one day!
Our car is due the first of  March.  We will not have a cruiser or a truck, because we should be staying in the capital city area.
The people here are warm and friendly.  However, they are very shy.  They speak very softly.  We are truly enjoying getting to know them.  Their English is OK for the most part.  We just need to speak slowly and make sure that they understand our words.  Of course, it is like in the Spanish branch, the young people speak more English.  They are very humble people.  They have very little of the things we consider standard.  However, the Sabbath day and the church mean everything to them.  The sisters all have a dress and the brothers all have a white shirt, dark slacks, and a tie.  It is a small miracle that they can keep a shirt white.
We are already very busy.  We are teaching classes every day - sometimes two  day.  We are teaching the Plan for Success program.  This is the course the young people all must have to progress with any educational plans.  We are finding that each of these young people have very interesting life experiences.  We are so very grateful for all of our blessings!!!!!


  1. Cute pictures of you and Clyde with President and Sister Brewer. And Connie, your hair looks great. Also, what was Sister Brewers maiden name? Maybe Janet Packam and Char Nelson are in contact with her also.

  2. Congratulations on becoming bloggers. These pictures and comments are terrific and we are looking forward to being able to follow you about the island. Thanks for taking the time to show us about.