Saturday, February 23, 2013

Planning for Success

We  have already taught three classes of Planning for Sucess at various branches.  The Planning for Success Workshop takes four weeks and is the prerequisite for any of the church grants or the PEF program.  The responce has been great.  These young people have been waiting for us to arrive.  Apparently, they have had their questions put on hold until the Larsen's came.  There are many eager kids.  On friday night we did a presentation at a young adult activity and thirty five to forty young adults showed up.  Many are single, but not all of them are.

We are also searching out the school options here.  There is the University of the South Pacific with campuses in many of the island countries.  In Vanuatu, the USP campas concentrates on accounting and law.  We do not think that this is a law school for lawyers.  It is some sort of undergraduate degree - we are not sure what the curriculum includes.  There is also a teachers college. 

The Chamber of Commerce here offers some courses.  And - there are some trade/technical schools.  We are having a difficult time coming up with a list of schools.  All we want is a list, and then we will personally visit each place.  We want to see the school, to know what they offer in the way of degrees, to understand the tuition and fees required, to be clear about their certification, etc.  The church needs to qualify each school.  Nothing could be worse than for a young Vanuatuan to complete a program and find that it is not legitimate.

The ultimate goal is always the same - a good job and self-reliance!!!!

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  1. What a blessing you are to these young people who are looking for a future. You will change families for generations.