Monday, February 25, 2013

Elder and Sister Hinton

This is Elder and Sister Hinton.  They are humanitarian missionaries here - and our next door neighbors. They lived in St. George for a long while and then in Utah County.  He is a horticulturalist, and she is a nurse.  We have shared veggies and advice and concerns.  They suggested that we get a blender and a rice cooker.  We did!  Here we are sharing a pizza.  It was very good but expensive.  It was $23 American at a very nice tourist hotel.

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  1. It looks lush and green to us -- but the houses are not what we are used to. Blue sky and ocean and green plants can't be all bad.

    Milt is having a rough time getting his comments to post to you. We're not sure what I have done that he has not. He loves your reports also.