Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Drive Around the Island

 On Saturday, we decided to drive all the way around the island.  We finished with an appointment at Black Sands Branch and just headed out.  It is practically impossible to get lost as there is only one paved road around the island.  It was beautiful.  The jungle is very dense.  All the people have machetes.  They carry them as they walk along the road.  If you venture off of the road, it is essential to get anywhere.  This is looking into the Coral Sea from a high spot on the island.                                      


This is a little house that we passed on the way.  The living conditions are so poor, but they are a happy people.  There are many much worse that this.  We will get pictures when we can.  I do not like to take pictures of the houses with the people right there.  It seems very rude to me.

This is an inactive volcano.  The islands are volcanic and coral around the shores.  There are some sandy beach areas here and there.  It doesn't appear that there are mudslides.  The top soil is only so deep and then everything is volcanic/clay like beds.  They excavate right into the hill side and don't need to put in any supporting structures.

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