Sunday, February 24, 2013

Better N-Van Housing

On Friday, I went out to a families house with a couple of the other Senior Elders to take some materials to make a rain gutter catch system.  That is how these people in the outskirts of town get their drinking and bathing water.  The plastic tarps in the front of this picture is where they used to live.  The house in the back is where they now live.  That house in the back was built by some Australians and cost them $1,000,000 VUT or about $11,100 USD. That is a lot of money for them. 

This is the view from the other side.  The house in the back is about 6 meters x 6 meters.  A family of 4 live there.  That's a small family.  The tarp looking house in front houses the man's uncle.

Out back is the kitchen where they cook and eat. They have fire pits to cook on. Kind of like camping out in the back yard. All they really need is some protection from the rain, and it can really rain here at times.
Of course you have to have an out house.

This is the new house that Elder Wallace is going to put the rain gutters on to drain the water into a cinderblock tank. The family is very fortunate to have a car.  Most do not.  Elder Wallace is helping this man with his water system even though they are not members of the church.  We just helped get the materials there, and Elder Wallace came back later and built the system with the man.  I'll get some pictures from Elder Wallace of the finished product.
This is the swing set the kids play on.
Thought I would throw in the banana tree in his back yard.

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