Sunday, April 28, 2013

Etas Village

Etas is a village on the outskirts of Port Vila.  It is completely in the bush.  There is no electricity or sanitation.  Water is collected rain water.  There is a dirt road into the village.  It is badly in need of repair.  There is no school of any kind for the village children.  Some of the children walk for over an hour each way to a bus to get to school.  The bus costs them $2.00 US each way.  This alone makes the schooling prohibitive.

I asked this family, if I could take their picture.
There are these little fruit stands along the roads everywhere. 
 The people sell what they can to make a little money.


Afamily at the side of the road.
 These children were playing at the old church building.  They were glad to have their pictures taken.
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  1. What an adventure! You are living in a completely different world. I'm sure that you are building a great program and blessing a lot of lives.

    Love you!