Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vanuatu Mission Senior Couples

We are serving with some wonderful couples.  In fact, at Nasama and the Blue Lagoon, we have had other senior couples as neighbors.  It makes to very nice to know our neighbors.  Anyone of them will come to our aid in a moment - and we to theirs.  This happens to be a district mission conference luncheon.  This is the only
event we have had of this type.  We ate at the Melenesian Hotel! 
 This is Elder and Sister Chynoweth.  They are from Orem.  They are the mission office couple. No one works harder than Sister Chynoweth. 
We love spending time with them.  They always will be dear friends!
 This is Elder and Sister Williams.  They are from the Seattle area.  They are the mission
 audit couple.  They have just recently moved to Santo Island in the north of Vanuatu. 
They travel to all of the parts of the Vanuatu Mission for the audits. 
Santo needed a couple, and they can travel from there just as well.
 This is Elder and Sister Wallace.  She is the mission nurse, and he does mission housing and transportation.  They are from the Ogden area.  (Diane, does he look familiar?  Remember Chris Wallace from Bryce Canyon?  He is her cousin, and I knew that immediately.)
This is Elder and Sister Mortensen.  They are from Washington state.  They have moved to the Solomon Islands now.  They were taking care of Young Adult activities here.  Sister Mortensen was also teaching piano lessons in each branch.  She did some kind of grant and had keyboards donated to the mission.  Some of the members now play on Sundays!
This is Elder and Sister Hinton.  They are from Utah county.  They are the Welfare Missionaries in Vanuatu.  Elder Hinton really likes to eat.  Here we are at an outdoor cafe.
This is Elder and Sister Tolley.  They are also from Utah county and were only with us for a month.  They are Humanitarian Missionaries and travel all over the world.  They were here to conduct the measles and rubella campaign for Vanuatu through the world health organization. 
 We really enjoyed them.  One night we taught them to play Phase Ten!
One more couple, Elder and Sister Jolley, complete our crew at the present time.  
They are from Oregon.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of them, before they left for Malekula, another island that is north-northwest of here.
Sister Tolley and I enjoying the flowers.

We will all miss Elder Williams.  He liked to plan outings.  One night he arranged for us to go to a barbeque place.  It is run by a woman from Colorado.  It is full of old western memorabilia.  Just like you would expect from a western place at home.  Elder Williams had the place open early just for us.  It was a very fun evening and very good food.

 See the cute shirts that all of the servers wore.

Sister Chynoweth picked out the pot that she really wanted to take home.


  1. It's nice to meet your cohorts. You will enjoy these missionaries for the rest of your lives. It's interesting how missionaries look like Americans and natives do not. We are all brothers and sisters under the skin though.

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog! My parents are there too! Elder and Sister Jolley from Oregon!