Monday, April 1, 2013

A Day at the Beach


     This is Clyde gingerly walking out into the Coral Sea.  The coast is all lava beds and coral.  It is very hard to walk even with Teva's on.  Clyde was concerned about me walking out there at all.  If you fall, you will get cup up fairly badly on the sharp rock.  This is right at the Nasama Resort!!!! 
 I am sitting on an old log on the volcanic beach - there is no natural sand in the area!                                                

 Really, really blue starfish - and a sea cucumber.  This was one of the smallest that we saw!
 Clyde had to check out a local woman fishing from the shore - no pole, just a line!!!
The end of our hour on the beach.  The sand here is brought in by the resort.  There are totems everywhere in Vanuatu!
Great smile!  Beautiful teeth.  I must know some really good dentists!!!!                                                               


  1. Those starfish are cool! Looks like a fun day for you guys.

  2. We're still trying to be in touch. This is a different computer