Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living on the Lagoon

      We live in the Blue Lagoon Bungalows.  There are five duplexes in a row.  We are in apartment number seven.  Our landlord's live next door.  Lindsey is from Ireland, and  Duncan is Australian.  She is an attorney, and he is a builder - project manager.  They are very nice.  On my birthday, they had us to dinner on the patio.  Duncan does the cooking.

 This is the front of our house.  A parking lot is in front.
This is the back - on the Lagoon  The retaining walls are made of coral rock.
This is Lindsey and Duncan at my birthday dinner!
      One Sunday morning there was a beautiful rainbow on the lagoon.  It truly was incredible.  And - the very same day, there was a gorgous sunset.  Nature is wonderful here!

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  1. That is spectacular scenery! You'll remember this birthday. What fun.