Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wonderful Conference


       The past two weeks have been full of incredible conference sessions.  First we had the Port Vila District Conference.  It was very well attended.  On Friday, they held the Port Vila District mission conference.  The Elders and Sisters had it well organized.  The topics were timely.  We were glad to be included.  On Saturday a priesthood session was held while all of the auxillary organizations met.  There were some emotional talks.  Pres. and Sister Brewer spoke as well.  Actually, they taught.  They are both former teachers and do an excellent job of teaching and holding the congregation on track.  In fact, I think that my friend, Sister Brewer, is a masterr teacher.  After the breakout groups, we had the first general session of the District Conference.  On Sunday, the second session was held.  The theme of the conference was chastity, fidelity, and faith.  These are good people.  They want to do things in Heavenly Father's way.  They need instruction and guidance.  It is hard for them to give up their old customs and traditions.  No one wants them to be Americanized or westerized.  They just need to adopt our Father in Heaven's plan for each of us.
This is Alista Karlip.  He is a national hero here in Vanuatu.  He is the striker on the Championship National Soccer team.  People cheer him on the streets.  Alista is a humble, dedicated member of the church.  He is a returned missionary and was recently married in the Fiji Temple.  At the district conference, Alista was sustained as the District Executive Secretary.  He is also one of our students that is now attending school.  He is one of my very favorites! 
       Then it was world wide General Conference.  It was so inspiring to hear many of the same topics discussed by the General Authorities.  We especially appreciated Elder Holland, Elder Bednar, Elder Oakes, and the First Presidency.  Pres. Monson's talk about obedience and his story about the fire really got the young people's attention.   We were able to listen to all of the session on the internet.  And - then hear and see them in the branch meetings.  We are so grateful for our testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for this opportunity to serve a mission!!!!!  

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  1. Imagine having conference on the other side of the world. We liked having the same messages that you had. It feels like we are doing something with everybody we know. Your reports are fascinating. We love this blog.