Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some of our good friends!

  Many of the good people here will always be in our hearts and thoughts.  They have strong testimonies of the gospel. They diligently serve in their church callings.  I wish that I could take the time to tell you all more about each one!
      This Fredline and Merrie.  We have spent quite a bit of time with them.  Here is where they lived when they were working at the Turtle Bay Resort.  Fredline served her mission in Fiji.  Merrie served in New York City,  New York.  Can you imagine the change it was for her?!
       This is Christiane.  She is the translation specialist here.  She is very well educated and has a  wonderful testimony that she shares with us often.  Below are Margaret and Sarah.  We ran into them at the market.  It was a Saturday afternoon, and they had just come from a District Relief Society training session.  They are the counselors in the Etas Branch.
      This is Geraldine.  She is actually much younger than she looks.  She has had a very hard life.  She wanted me to take her picture by the church sign at Blacksands Branch.  Geraldine likes to pick fruit when she is able.  She likes to go to New Zealand and have time at the temple there.
       This is Loloma.  She is the mother of two.  She left her children with grandma on Malakula to come and get an education here in Port Vila.  She is very driven to do well.
     We went to visit a family last Sunday.  We found these children playing a crude game of Bingo.  They are playing on wooden pallets on the dirt outside of their house. 
      These are the parents of the children - and a cousin.  We needed some papers signed.  They do not have a table - no real furniture.  They only sleep in their houses - on the ground.   The sister on the right had just returned from church six hours after church.  She is the Primary President.
       This is Clera and Baia.  Baia is the Seminary and Institute director in Vanuatu.  They are from Malakula Island.  Baia was selected for the job right off of the farm.  He had done some tertiary schooling.  He has grown in his position immensely, since we first arrived.  His office is right by ours.  We have a quick devotional with Baia and his secretary, Laku, everyday.  Well every day that they get here on time.  We are suppose to start at 9:00 AM.
       Above is Maria.  She is a mother of two, attending USP in management, and from Papua New Guinea.  She is an excellent gospel doctrine teacher.  Below is Leah.  She is currently attending the Hospitality School.  She is studying housekeeping.  It took a while before, I could convince her to smile!

   This is Libby.  She is in the District Relief Society Presidency.  She is very warm  and friendly.
Libby is refined and such a good example here in Vanuatu for all of the sisters.  I just recently learned that her husband is not a member. I never would have guessed that.  Her family is all very active and she has a daughter currently serving in the Utah, Provo Mission.  She is in Mapleton. I think very highly of Libby - I am proud to call her my good friend!!!!!


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