Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An update on fishing in Vanuatu !

This is one of the first fish I caught here in Vanuatu.  I actually caught it off of our deck from the lagoon we live on.   It is called a Trevally.  They put up a good fight for about 3 minutes and then give up.  They are suppose to be good eating, but we like to give them away, which is what we do with all our fish.  We were warned by the health department before we came not to eat any of the fish because they may contain Ciguatera Toxin, which is throughout the South Pacific.  It's hard to know which fish might have it and which one won't, so we play the safe side.  When we have gone snorkeling at Hide-away-Island,  I was able to snorkel among a whole school of Trevally fish.  It was awesome!

There are a number of fish my fishing buddies and I have caught from a boat.  Below are just a few of them that we kept.  This first one is a type of sea cod I caught.  It has a nice set of choppers!

The top one is a Snapper and the other three are Bonito, a member of the tuna family.  The plate gives you a relative size for the fish.  Not real big. The orange looking fish is in our dish washing pan and I have no idea what it is.  The picture below that one is me holding the Snapper.

This is one of our members I go fishing with.  He caught this Rainbow Runner when we were trolling.  The same day I caught the Bonito's and the Snapper.

This is me out in our lagoon on the rubber raft I brought back from Michael's wedding.  It turns out to be a fun boat to play with, but not a good boat for fishing.  One of the paddles broke the second time I used it.

This is our church facilities manager and our neighbor at the Lagoon Bungalows.  He caught this Coral Trout when we were trolling one day.  Doesn't look like the "trout" we are used to catching.  This is after the fish had dried out some.

This is what the fish looked like right after it was caught.

Below are some of the fish we caught on our last little fishing trip.  The fish on the left is a Poulet and the one on the right is a Bream.  Both are very good eating .  On this trip, our boat captain caught a 10 foot Leopard Shark.  We had it up to the side of the boat and went for the camera but it broke the line.
We caught several other types of fish on this trip as well, but I gave mine away before I got a picture.

Above is another look at the Poulet.  I fillet it out and  baked it in the barbeque in my "Halibut sauce".  It was wonderful.  The head and bones I gave to our neighbor John because he wanted to make fish soup out of them.  John is the fisherman in three pictures up from this one.

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  1. This is just as amazing as the mission pictures. Catching all those fish and not eating any is a pretty tough assignment in my book. We miss your fish.