Monday, April 14, 2014

Etas - Cumorah Kindy School

      We have explained before that there are not nearly enough schools in Vanuatu - even though the government only provides for grades 1-6.  All secondary education is at private institutions.  All of the Kindergarten classes are private, even though kindy is a requirement for going to 1st grade.  Many children must pay for schooling from K-12.
      Etas is a community up on the mountain.  It is only about a 15 minute drive from town, but it is a whole different world.  They have never had a school in Etas.  And - transportation costs are prohibitive for almost everyone there.  There is a great branch in Etas and many wonderful people.  The school situation is just not acceptable.
     Through the efforts of many dedicated souls here and in New Zealand, the area office, something is being done.  The community is building a school themselves.

    The building - the frame - has been made twice as long as they will currently need.  This will enable growth next year.  The frame is made of tree trunks from the 'bush'.  There is no lumber like we know it to be.  Some lumber is available in town, but they could never afford it.  The walls are made of split bamboo and the roof is woven palm leaves.
 On this visit, the village was working on some of the school.

 The area that has been cleared will all be fenced in and a gate has been donated for the school yard.
This is the soccer field.  Every school needs a soccer field!

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  1. It looks like you have been sent on a mission to camp. You guys will be totally ready to go to Tracy Wigwam and lash latrines together. I see the Boy Scouts in your future. Maybe you'd better stay in the mission field. :)