Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Edward's - Our Friends in CES

      One of the truly wonderful things about serving a senior mission is that we meet and work with such outstanding couples from all over.  The Edward's mission is very different.  After many years as a seminary and institute teacher and director, he retired.  They are on a mission serving the south pacific islanders.  They travel to each of the church schools and spend several months at each school.  They are strengthening the teachers and administrators at each site.  They are especially qualified for this assignment.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them.
      Now, there is no church school in Vanuatu.  However, with the huge push for education for the members, the Edward's came here for one month.  They mentored the seminary and institute teachers here.  It was an invaluable service.
      This is the restaurant run by the students at the Hospitality school.  It is kind of like the old Tastry Restaurant at South High School.  We had an appointment with the school director, so we took the Edward's along and had lunch.
      This particular day was their wedding anniversary.  We took them to Iririki Island for lunch.  Iririki is a resort that covers an entire island in the Port Vila bay.  It has accommodations and restaurants and activities.  We had never gone over to the island, so this was a first for us.  To get to the island, you take a water taxi.  This not the water taxi.  This is a $4,000,000 yacht that belongs to an Australian gambler.  Our landlord knows this fellow.

Happy Anniversary, Elder and Sister Edward's!

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