Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hide-Away Island

       Hide-Away Island is another island off the coast of Port Vila.  It isn't very big, but it is surrounded by a Coral Reef.  There are some accommodations and a restaurant.  There is a dive shop.
We have been wanting to get out there for quite some time.  Again, you take a water taxi.
       Well, guess what Santa brought us for Christmas.  Clyde and I got snorkel fins and masks.  We tried them out in the swimming pool.  It takes a little practice to get used to using them.  So - the first Saturday in January, we went to Hide-Away Island.  It was a very hot day,  but we went in the morning.  It turned out just perfect, because it was less crowded then.  By noonish there were many tourists arriving.

       Yes, we were kind of geeky looking.  My swimming suit is horrible.  It doesn't fit at all, and it is so old.  Clyde's is old, too.  Oh, well, there were lots of older people there.  We fit in!

      Of course, we could not take pictures of ourselves in the water.  Thank goodness!  These are just representational of the experience.  Actually it was really fun.  The coral is amazing.  There are many kinds and colors to see.  The water is quite salty.  We tried very hard to not taste it.

      Please notice the rough coral beaches.  There really is not any sand.  The coral is sharp and, if you fall you can get really hurt.  Never go barefoot!!!!

       After coming out of the water and changing our clothes, my hair was lovely!

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