Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Few Short Hours in Fiji

      Last September when we returned from Michael and Lisa's wedding, we had an unexpected eighteen hour layover in Fiji.  It was not over night - very early in the morning until late that night.  The airlines bused as all to an island resort and gave us rooms for the day.  It was beautiful.
      First of all- at the airport, we met up with some members from Vanuatu.  They had been to Fiji to go to the temple.  It was good to see some of our 'new family' again.
      After busing to the dock, we took a ferry to the island.  There were many of us.  At the resort, we were greeted with fresh pineapple juice.  We all lined up, and they had us rooms very quickly.  Because we are 'old', we got a semi-private bungalow close to the main building.  The resort was quite extensive.  Some of the people were a ways away.

      The pool area was beautiful as was the beach.  There were several destination weddings there that day.  We just relaxed.  We walked around and took in the sites.

 The sunset was spectacular.  We sat outside and enjoyed it as long as possible.

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