Monday, January 6, 2014

Odds and Ends

      Hooray - we found one somewhat normal Christmas tree.  We were at a very nice French restaurant for the farewell dinner for Elder and Sister Wallace.  They have returned to Utah after having assisted with the opening of the Vanuatu Mission.  They were great people.  

      There are always new things at the market.  The cabbage are the size of basketballs.  They do taste pretty good.
       There are the ever present geckos - everywhere - inside and outside.

      Clyde is a pretty good barber - thanks, Milt.  He has done the elders and some of the sisters.  He has only done the senior couples.  The younger elders take care of each other
      One of the things that we do here is give English tests.  The students that want to apply to BYU-H must pass an English test.  The students that apply to go to the church schools in Samoa, Tonga, or Fiji must pass an English exam.  Yes, English is very important.

      This is an old tree on the campus at USP.  It grew all gnarly.  It has been severely cut back, but they left this much.  Clyde says this is the Vanuatu version of Delicate Arch in Utah!

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