Sunday, December 1, 2013

Visiting the Missionary Housing in Paonangisu

      First of all - this is considered a very nice house.  It is actually owned by members that are no longer living in Paonangisu.  They moved to Port Vila.  Second- yes, many buildings that are actual buildings are very colorful.  Notice the large water tank.  They collect rain water for everything.  We stopped by on a Saturday - the missionaries were not there.
      This is the living room and kitchen area.  The missionaries have actually put one of the mattresses in here so to create another bedroom.  They put up a 'wall' with a net like material.  The sheet is on the window.  The 'bathroom' (toilet) is in a building out back. .To bathe they all go for a 'swim' in the creek or ocean. 

      There is no electricity.  The hotplate is attached to a propane tank.  So - no running water and no electricity.  Their days are regulated by the sun.
      As we were leaving the yard, we saw this big chicken with her chicks gathered under her!

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