Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Decorations

       It definitely does not seem like Christmas here in Vanuatu.  It is hot.  There are Christmas sales of stuff - toys, stuffed animals, balls, etc.  But - we spent one Saturday looking for Christmas decorations.  No one had any idea what an ornament was.  They have awful looking artificial trees here with a few sparse lights.  These are found in the Chinese stores for the most part.

       Vanuatu is a Christian nation.  Even if they do not have Christmas decorations, surely they would a Nativity.  Wrong - we asked every where.  No one knew what that was at all.  Finally I got them to understand Baby Jesus.  However, that did not help.  There is nothing like that here.  Finally, Clyde checked in a Catholic shop.  They sell pictures and statuary.  They had one Nativity.  The clerk did not even give a price, but he said that it was very expensive.  He said the people in Vanuatu would never purchase such a thing.  Clyde said that it was a large set with animals.  My quest for
Wisemen is completely out of the question.
Even Clyde was unhappy with the lack of attention to Christmas!

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