Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Self-reliance with the Stanford's

      The Stanford's are a couple that served a mission in Fiji.  When they returned home to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, they had the inspiration to sell everything and return to Fiji.  They did!  Bro. Stanford says that he knew he was suppose to help the Fijian members be more self-reliant.  He has always been an entrepreneur and knew that he could help the people set up businesses.  He is a very lively man.  It is hard for the people to resist him.

     The Stanford's were in Vanuatu for a week.  They also serve the area presidency on special assignments.  They were in Vanuatu to help evaluate the readiness of the Port Vila District to become a stake. While they were here, they offered a fireside to the Young Single Adults about starting their own businesses.  It was very well attended considering only fourteen hours of notice.  Bro. Stanford had lots of innovative ideas.  The bottom line is that they need to offer something unique.  It may be an old idea but with a new twist.  Some of our young people are staying in touch with them to further their own ideas and plans.   

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