Friday, October 4, 2013

Spiritual Blessings

      We have enjoyed some incredible spiritual experiences.  It is wonderful to see the Lord's hand in everything.  There have been very special Sacrament Meetings throughout the island, in each of the branches.  We are really understanding the bislama much better.  (We are not having much luck with the speaking part.)
      Last month we had the opportunity to have a visit from Elder Wakola, our Area Seventy.  He is from Fiji. He is a real scriptorian.  One morning, he spoke at our devotional.  His testimony and depth of understanding was imparted to us all.  I will share several of his thoughts.  I wish that each of you could have heard his remarks in their entirety.
"Doctrine understood will change behavior."
"Your testimony will not save you - only your continuing conversion."
"To be endowed will help us to endure."
      The Women's Conference was another wonderfully spiritually occasion.  We had the conference on October 5th here.  Our translation department needed the week to get it all translated and recorded in bislama. Thank goodness there is also a room with meeting in English.  Some of my favorite quotes from the conference are:
"Covenants are contracts with our Heavenly Father...Covenants strengthen us, empower us, and protect us!"
"Keeping covenants are essential to our true happiness  -  start early and keep steady."
"Come to the temple and claim our blessings!"
"Prayer is our anchor - our strength.  He will always be there for us, if we but ask."


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