Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Grandbabies in Vanuatu!

      No child can have too much love.  Every child can use an extra grandma.  Well here our two of my new babies.  The first is Veronica Hilliman.  Her mother, Fanny, is attending the University of the South Pacific.  She is studying to be an elementary school teacher.  Fanny is a returned missionary!
      The second baby is Alista's son.  Remember - Alista is the soccer hero here in Vanuatu.  He is also the District Clerk.  He has his application in for the Nursing College of Vanuatu.  We are hoping to find out the results soon.  The baby has not been blessed yet.  When we visited right after his birth, Alista asked me for a name.  Children all have several names - five or six.  I said that he looked like a Daniel.  We will see, if this name is one that sticks!     
        **** His precious little baby has now been blessed by his father.  His name is Allan Kaleb (something I can't spell or pronounce) DANIEL Justin.  They will call him Daniel!!!*****
      This is the proud father, Alista.  Notice the soccer trophy on the cabinet.  The new little family were staying with relatives after the birth in a real house.  Alista is also a returned missionary.
       These little ones belong to Maria.  The little boy, Jiwaka, says "Elder Larsen is good"!  When Clyde goes fishing, he will frequently give the fish to Maria.  The children think that the fish are a real treat.  Sylvia and Jiwaka run and hug us at church.  Maria is the Gospel Doctrine teacher and the Young Women's President in Branch One.  She is a returned missionary and studying at USP.  She wants to be a secondary school teacher in management.  She is very bright and has a strong testimony!

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