Thursday, October 10, 2013

Planning for Success Workshops

      Planning for Success is a four week workshop.  We teach the workshop all over the island.  Every month there are three or four workshops running at various locations and at various times of day or evening.  The workshop is designed to assist the people in setting goals and realizing those goals.  We have taught as many twenty three students in one session.  There are usually more women than men in attendance.
      This particular class took place in the Family History Room at Branch One.  The first two girls on the front row, Jenny and Katharina, just got their mission calls.  They have the same calling.  They are both to serve in the Provo, Utah Mission.  The other sister on the front row, Madeleine, is the wife of the Port Vila District President.  Her plan is to go to the Hospitality School for the fourteen month program.  She wants to study tourism management.
      Remember the church at Paonangisu?  The cows and the chickens and the pigs attend.  Well, Pres. Erick got a committee of workers together and put some siding on the structure.  This improvement keeps the animals out and the children in during church.  This is the building where we had the class of twenty three.

       The workshop is set up with four parts.  Every session has a spiritual orientation.  We connect with thoughts from the prophets and the scriptures.  A warm and loving feeling is developed.  There are three main plans that we work on together.  The first plan is their Work Plan - how do they want to spend their lives, in what occupation.  The second plan is their Education Plan - how and where can they make this happen.  The third plan is their Finance Plan - how can they pay for this plan.  They have homework to complete along the way.  It is a wonderful experience.  We get so close to the students.  Every month we start new classes with new participants!

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  1. You are so busy; lots of irons in the fire. You are helping and blessing a lot of families. You must also be learning and growing so much. Your talents and capacities are expanding to keep up with what you are called upon to do. I look forward to my turn. You are both great examples. Love you and miss you.