Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Wonderful Students!

        We sincerely wish that we could share all of these wonderful people with you.  We love them so very much.  These dear people will always be in our hearts.
      This is Edmond Saksak.  We call him the Pied Piper.  These young men are Keven, Kingsley and Sam.  He always has a crowd of youth with him.  He is a returned missionary from the Philippines.  He is an Institute teacher.  He is the Sunday School teacher for the youth in the Black Sands Branch.  We were the guest teachers in his class one Sunday and there were eighteen kids.  He is the Young Men's President.  He is on the church translation committee here in Vanuatu and works at that everyday.  Whenever a special meeting is called, he will personally walk all around the Black Sands area and remind everyone - several times.  Edmund is also going to school.  He takes the young men to the clinic when they get hurt. For the past month, he has been teaching us, the Larsen's and the Hinton's, Bislama for about an hour a day.  The standard line around here is;  "Ask Saksak!"   He is absolutely amazing!
      Well, Edmund was just accepted into BYU-H.  He starts in September.  He plans on returning to Vanuatu as a teacher.  I am really sure that he will be a General Authority from Vanuatu someday.  However, for now, it will be very hard to get along without him here.
      This is Annie Vanva and her family.  Annie is one of our students.  She is studying computer software.  She is a great student - very dedicated.  Annie is also the District Primary President and the pianist in Branch #2.   Sister Mortensen, one of the senior missionaries, started teaching piano lessons here about six months ago.   She has taught over sixty kids and adults.  Annie was one of her students on the piano.  Sister Mortensen is  now in the Soloman Islands (and teaching piano lessons), but Annie still practices two hours a day on the piano in the chapel. 
      Annie is very bright.  She is a wonderful mother to her children - and she is the glue in her family.  All of her children are very active - and her husband is improving.  We can call on Annie in a pinch.  She is always willing to be of service!


  1. This seems almost surreal. It is a good thing you post the pictures.

  2. Oh Thank you Elder and Sister Larsen...You will forever be remembered.