Friday, June 21, 2013

The North End of Efate Island - Emua

      Port Vila is the capital city of Vanuatu.  It is the largest city by far.  Most of the people live in rural villages throughout the islands.  Most of the people live in the bush!  There are only two islands with any asphalt roads - Efate and Santo.  The asphalt is very old. The roads in Port Vila that are paved are full of gigantic potholes.  They fill the pot holes with crushed coral.  It lasts until the next rain storm.   Clyde must always watch the roads very carefully when he is driving.  Most of the roads are dirt roads that are badly graded.  The best road in the country is the Efate Circle Road.  It goes all the way around the island - approximately 125 kilometers.  This circle road was built by the United States!

This is one of the views from the Efati Circle Road!

   This is the view in Emua - the missionaries for the north end live here.
      Last Saturday we needed to find the missionaries from Emua.  We got directions from people along the way.  The people here usually want to be very helpful.  We left the circle road and enter Emua on a dirt road.  Eventually we found the missionaries house.  It was quite a ways in, and we needed more assistance as we went.

This tribal center is on the beach.  All of the land is owned by the chiefs, and they decide how to use it. There is usually a community center of some sort.

This outrigger was on the beach by their house. We do not know, if they use it to get the little islands that are nearby.

      This colorful hut said that it was a restaurant.  It was not open and no one was around.  Considering the way we had to go to get there, we don't imagine they have very much business.  However, there are many completely out of the way places.   

 This friendly fellow was huge and also right on the beach.
      We never did find the missionaries that day.  Two different men walked us part of the way.  They assured us that they knew the missionaries.  We are certain that we had the right place.  Their house was up on the hill above the beach.   

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