Monday, July 22, 2013

Fishing From Our Blue Lagoon Bungalow

These are pictures of some of the fish (and other things) that Clyde has caught from our back deck.  He likes to relax early in the morning, after we get home, or on days off to see what he can come up with from the Lagoon.  He catches a lot of really little fish that he uses as bait for something larger.

Clyde will sometimes use these large snails for bait for the fish.  He cuts them up!
Many of the starfish by our bungalow are bright orange!  That's a needlenose fish going across the top of the starfish.

The barracuda have very sharp teeth.  More often than not, they cut Clyde's line.

This little sting ray has a wicked, barbed tail.  He was also tossed back in the Lagoon.
This is a Trevally.  It's a predator type fish and comes in all sizes.  They say they are good eating. 

The other fish with the Trevally is some type of Snapper.  Just showing the relative size here.

This is a close up of the Snapper.  Not really very big, but they do get much bigger than this.

Clyde did not intend to catch the starfish.  It just happened.  He did put them back.  We had no idea that the backs are covered in spikes.  They are really sharp!

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