Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Missionary Housing

      The young missionaries here live in a variety of housing.  Some are apartments.  Some are houses of varying quality.  I have already shown you some examples in Paonangisu.  Now they are building some missionary quarters on the sites of the branch buildings as well. 
      A new area just opened up.  It is part of the Paonangisu Branch but about 30 kilometers away.
       This is the water collection tank.  It just collects rain water for cooking, etc.  They need to bath in the stream nearby.  This is the outside of the neighbors house.  Most living is done outside.  Most people only sleep in their house.
       This is the missionary kitchen - yes, on a table outside.  The hotplate is run on propane.  You will recognize the missionary laundry hanging in the yard.

    This is the toilet.  That is all they call them here.  There is no other purpose.  There is no running water,  All water comes from the water tank.  They wash clothes and dishes with the water tank water.  Again - bathing is done in the stream!!!!

      This is the front of the house.  This is a very nice house.  All the actual living is done in the back and outside.  These missionaries are very happy here.  Many of our missionaries are from other islands around here  -  as well as right from Vanuatu!
      In Paonangisu they are now building new housing for the missionaries.  Notice the cement mixer on site.  They build and cure their own block/bricks for the construction.  Having 'cement' houses is considered a real step up for the native people of Vanuatu.
       This is Loloma.  She is one of our students from Malakula.  We were going to Paonangisu, and she wanted to ride along.  She was delightful company.  She told us that she had helped her father make the cement blocks back home in Malakula. 

     Isn't this a beautiful site?  The branch building is on the same property.

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