Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Missionary Zone and District Conferences

      There have been three districts in Vanuatu  -  Port Vila, Santo, and Malakula.  Now we are experiencing growth and a real need for change.  The Port Vila District, the original district, is no longer.  The Efate District now includes all of Efate Island, but not Tanna Island any more.  Tanna is a separate district.  This latest district conference was only the missionaries serving here on Efate. This group is plenty large enough.
      Every district conference includes training sessions and instruction from President and Sister Brewer.  They are both wonderful speakers.  The missionaries present as well.  There is one big luncheon together.  And  -  the missionaries all have their individual interviews with the president. We love the missionaries that we serve with.  Some are from the USA and Canada.  Some are from Australia and New Zealand.  Some are from the other island nations around here - Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, etc.  Some are from right here in Vanuatu.  One young elder is from Malaysia, but since he left home, his family has moved to Tennessee.  They are all wonderful.

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  1. Leave it to Clyde to know just what to do. Always amazing!