Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mele Branch


This is the Mele Branch where we attended chuch today.  It is a ways out of town.  The building consists of one open room with stacking chairs.  It is used as the chapel and activity space.  On either end of the building are two small rooms that are classrooms or offices as the need arises.  The small, separate building on the end houses the restrooms and a very small kitchen space.

After Sacrament Meeting, different groups reconvene outside.  The Primary is under a tree.  The Young Adults and the youth Sunday School classes meet in other areas.  The Gospel Doctrine class stays in the building.  The next hour all of the Priesthood classes and the young woman are outside.  The Relief Society stays inside.  In case you think the women are lucky, keep in mind that the building has no air conditioning.  This is standard for the branch buildings.  However, Mele Branch does not have any fans either.  The building is very hot and humid.
This is one of the outside classrooms today.

Of course, this only works, if it is not raining.  When it rains, it really pours.  So - everyone must stay inside the one, small building.
This is a little boy waiting to go home at the end of the meetings.  Notice his hair.  This is completely natural.  Some of the native Vanuatuans have blonde hair.  It is still curly tight but blonde.
The members in this little branch are very friendly and many have strong testimonies.  The problem is that the strength does not come in families very often.  There are some wonderful families - a member of the District Presidency and a High Councilor, for example.  However, this little branch has been without a branch president for over two years now.  There is just not a worthy family to fill the shoes.  Yet, they are dedicated and the building was full today at the appointed hour.  We all visited softly patiently waiting for someone with the right authority to start the meeting.  Today it was the Elder's Quorum President.  The district leadership individuals not at the branch today.

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  1. No branch president for 2 years! You guys are going to be plenty busy. It looks like a different planet it is so green. I am glad you said that curly blond hair is natural. I would not have suspected that.

    Love this blog stuff.