Friday, March 22, 2013

At the Outdoor Market!


This is Sister Nicholas and her daughter.  She is the wife of the first counselor in the District Presidency here in Port Vila. She has a wonderful garden and produces some of the best vegetables.  Elder Hinton was formerly a horticulturalist with Utah State University.  He says the Nicholas' have some the best soil in the islands.  We always start at her stall in the market.
The cucumbers, the carrots, and the beans are from Sister Nicholas.

See how big the cucumbers are compared to Clyde's sandal.
Sometimes there are smaller crabs at the market. 
These seem to be lobsters  They cost about $17.00 and $28.00.
These are live chickens at the market.  There are three in this temporary cage.

And - the best for last -

BATS - they sell bats at the market.  We can only assume the people must eat them. 
What a delicacy!!!!

This fat fellow was about the size of a rat.  It costs about $5.00!



  1. Let me know how Bat tastes. Maybe it will fill dad's void for salmon.

  2. I kind of think I would not trade salmon for bat. Stick to the cucumbers and bananas.

    It amazes us to see these pictures. Take your camera everywhere. We love this virtual mission.