Thursday, August 28, 2014

District Conference with Elder Halik from the Area Presidency

 We had a wonderful Port Vila District Conference with Elder Halik.  He is the first  Counselor in the Area Presidency.  This was the first conference that was just Efate Island.  Tanna is now a separate district.  Elder Halik has a wonderful spirit about him.  He met with the district leaders and then of course the general sessions.  For the Saturday meetings, Sister Duke  and I were responsible for providing lunch for the district leaders and Elder Halik.  They only had a 45 minute window to eat.  We prepared chicken salad sandwiches on fresh bakery buns, a plate of veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, shredded carrots, etc.), and a fruit salad for a sweet touch.

      These pictures are from the front of the chapel, looking towards the choir (the conductor is
standing), from the back of the cultural hall, and those sitting on the stage area at the very back.  There were also large tents set up outside for the overflow!  The last picture is a better view of     
    the choir.

  The messages at the conference were powerful,  Our District Presidency are dedicated men and great speakers.  There were also messages from some of the recently returned missionaries.  Of course, the members  were very anxious to hear from Elder Halik.  He is Samoan.  His parents sent him to the USA for secondary schooling.  They felt that he had a good mind and attitude.  It was in high school that he was introduced to the gospel.  He was very involved as a student.  He was the Senior Class secretary.  He joined the church and went to BYU in Provo after serving his mission back in Samoa.  At  BYU he met and married his sweetheart - and then told her they were moving to Samoa permanently! 
      Sister Halik is very educated and has done much to improve education in Samoa.  Elder Halik is a very smart business man.  They have been very successful.  They have been very instrumental in the growth of the church in Samoa for many years.
       Here in our conference, Elder Halik was inspirational for all of us.  One extremely important message was heard loud and clear by all of us in attendance.  Elder Halik promised a stake in Port Vila very soon.  It would be incredible, if this happens before we leave!
       This is Elder Halik, President Brewer, District President Basil, and Sister Brewer.  The members had made  them leis.  This was at the end of the conference when the members were singing to Elder Halik.  They were so glad for his messages of love and faith and hope.
       This is the district presidency  -  Pres. Nicolas, Pres. Kalpoi, and Pres. Basil.  Elder  Halik and the Brewers all had a wonderful feeling.


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