Sunday, March 16, 2014

Living at the Blue Lagoon Bungalows

      We have wonderful neighbors.  There are ten units altogether.  Our landlord's are in number one.  Duncan is from Australia and his wife, Lindsay, is from Ireland.  They are great.  They are very responsive to our needs.  Lindsay is an attorney.  Duncan is a contractor.  We have held potluck dinners for everyone about once a month.

      Lindsay is on the right - the blonde, then Duncan, Sister Wallace, Elder Wallace, and John Bennion.  We gather and eat and visit for the evening.  Now Kulu Bennion is on the right.  Dr. and Sister Roth were visiting with us for two weeks to do dental work.  Sister Call is in red.

        Our dinners vary each time.  Originally, Duncan always did the main dish.  Then I was elevated.  I was the first person that he let cook the meat.  I did a pork roast in the barbeque oven.  Duncan cooks everything on the grill or in the grill. He bakes bread, cake, and pies.  He makes soup and stews.  He really is a good cook.
      This is another dinner with the Call's and the Wallace's.  The Bennion's provided a Fijian tablecloth.
      These two couples have joined us at the Lagoon.  This is David and Grace - a couple but they have separate units.  The Chinese couple got married last month.  They operate a restaurant called KFC.  Yes, they serve chicken.  No, it does not taste like Kentucky fried.  There logo is the same KFC sign.  There does not seem to be any such thing as copy right infringement here.

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