Monday, September 9, 2013

Port Vila District Conference

      We had a wonderful district conference on Sunday, September1st.  Elder and Sister Kevin Pearson from the area presidency were here.  They gave excellent talks.  The Saturday meetings were very enlightening for the members.  Some of our local priesthood leaders gave powerful talks.  The leadership sessions were very well attended.

      On Sunday, the count was 986 in attendance.  The chapel was full and the cultural hall.  There were tents set up in the courtyards front and back.  They had TV systems playing the conference live. It was an amazing meeting.  The church is really growing and strengthening here in Vanuatu.  President Pearson said to pray unceasingly for a stake here in Port Vila.  It will happen soon!

      Clyde and I had a chance to visit with the Pearson's after the meeting.  Jared and Spencer Pearson were students at West High School years ago.  Jared and John Keller wrote my theme song their senior year.  It was good to catch up.  Elder Pearson will be conference calling with us soon.  There are many educational issues to discuss.

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