Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Birthday's in Vanuatu!

      We have a gardener/caretaker at our home on the Blue Lagoon.  Every week he adds fresh flowers from the grounds to our home.  These happened to be on my birthday last April.
      We hold a devotional meeting every Tuesday morning.  On this day it just happened to be Sister Hinton's birthday and Christiane's birthday.  Christiane is the head of translation here.  Her office is in our meeting house as well.  Because Clyde's birthday was the week before, we had one celebration.
 Cake in Vanuatu is not particularly sweet.  They decorate nicely,
but they do not put sugar in the icing.  We added a little ice cream!
      On Clyde's actual birthday, we hosted a spaghetti dinner for all of the senior couples in Vanuatu.  I made the spaghetti.  Others brought pot luck - French bread, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, and a yummy dessert pudding.  Elder and Sister Call arrived in Vanuatu the day before the dinner.  They brought fresh See's chocolates.  We had a great time visiting together and enjoying dinner!

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